About Us

Together with the High  Commissioner to Ghana (UK) for World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) -   Ghana,  we are putti ng together the first Innovation and pitch startup program of which the  Chairma n of WBAF will visit Ghana to a ward top notch CEOs and Government Leaders.     

Award Categories

1.  Public Private Partnership Category   


2.  Public Service Citation category   


3.  Smart City and Innovation   category   


4.  Community and Developmental category   


5.  Leadership and Transparency/Human right category   


6.  Youth Development   and Job Creation   


7.  L ifetime A chievers award (Ambassador)   


8.  Youngest advocate on African continental free trade   


9.  Diplomatic /Honorary Award to Head  Of State   


10  Government initiative on clean and sustainable energy   


11  Overall business enabling Country   


12  Sustainable local content on land/natural resources.   


13  Hospitality support service category   


14  Extraordinary P eace & Global security category   


15  Most promising leader in Aviation sector.   


16 Smart investment company in Africa    

participating countries


  Swaziland   


  Ivory Coast   


  South Africa   


  Nigeria   


  Cameroon   


  Liberia   


  Gabon   


  Namibia   


  Botswana   


  Morocco   


  Kenya   


  Zambia