The mission of the UAE-Africa Mentoring Consortium is to establish strong international networks within the G20 countries and embassies for African entrepreneurs that secure continuous progress for effective startup mobility on the continent. The 2019 Africa Startup Visa Program seeks to mentor entrepreneurs on the continent in every aspect of business development through an Incubator Program, from ideation stage through fund raising to the launch of the business and corporate governance trainings that lead to change for responsible leadership and sustainable business practices. And train African University Students with industry Oriented Skills through Internship Opportunities in the G20 member countries. The program challenges the traditional perspectives and approaches of seeing and doing business among Africans and explores how Entrepreneurs and University Students in Africa can explore opportunities in other countries and continents without limitations.

As a selected participant (Incubator or Student Internship) of the program, you will be mentored by prominent business leaders from Japan, USA, South Africa, Spain, Australia, UK and the Netherlands. And have the opportunity to spend a minimum of one month as an intern in any of the available foreign countries in a company and with a mentor in the same field or industry you wish to enter. Selected participants with businesses in the Information Technology Industry would be put under the Africa Tech Program, a subsector of the incubator program.




The main requirement for this program is to be a citizen of an African country. 


Please send us A one-page executive summary of the business and your 

Contact information  which includes, full name, phone contact, email and country 

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2. APPLY FOR Student Internship ( STUDENTS ONLY)

Please send us your current Academic Transcript, clearly showing your Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of the previous semester and  and your 

Contact information  which includes, full name,  phone contact, country  email address and name of school.

Email your Application to

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