H.E. Dr. Ambassador Tal Edgars - Head of Diplomacy and Honorary Advisor

  H.E. Prof. Dr. Ambassador Tal Edgars, PhD, NCPC Head of Government Affairs in Canada is a multi-award winning, well known business authority, global mentor, erudite speaker of note, diplomat and a cutting-edge strategist with an outstanding record in planning, managing and executing edge strategist with an outstanding record in planning, managing and executing highly successful private and public-sector initiatives in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. He has an academic, diplomatic and international civil service background with a global inclination and provides extensive domestic practices in Africa. He is Africa’s leading authority and informed voice on knowledge of foreign policy community, growth and competitiveness practice, complex negotiations, strategic foresight, government affairs, entrepreneurship, investment policies, contract theory and how countries and businesses can be active participants in their own development. His personal and business sphere of influence includes Presidents and Heads of States across several continents to whom he provides confidential strategic advisory services. 

H.E. Dr Ambassador Tal Edgars is the recipient of the: 

  • 2017 SA Vision 2030 Driver of Change Award Finalist – Prof. Dr. Ambassador Tal Edgars 
  • 2017 Best Regional Enterprise, Socrates Committee, Oxford UK 
  • 2017 Best Global Management Consulting Service by Sub-Saharan Awards MEA Markets 
  • 2017 MEA Markets Best Business Development Consultancy- Gauteng GBSH Consult Group 
  • 2017 Best Management Consultant of the Year Corporate Vision UK – H.E. Prof. Ambassador Tal Edgars 
  • 2017 Wealth & Finance International’s Five Star Consultants for 2017 in the UK 
  • 2017 Best in Performance Improvement in The UK by Corporate Vision 
  • 2017 Most innovative Business in South Africa’ as part of the ‘2017 Africa’s Most Innovative’ by Acquisition International Magazine, 
  • UK 2017 ‘Ones to Watch 2017; MEA Company of Excellence Award’ by Middle East and African Markets 
  • BIZZ 2017 by World Confederation of Businesses, USA 
  • 2017 South African Financial Markets Firm of the Year ACQ Law Awards UK 
  • 2017 South African Strategy and Management Consultancy Firm of the Year by ACQ Law Awards UK 
  • 2017 South African GameChanger of the Year – H.E.Dr. Ambassador Tal Edgars 
  • 2016 World Confederation of Businesses -World Business Leader of the Year 
  • 2016 Owler Hot in Washington Award – GBSH Consult Group 
  • 2016 Best Enterprise Award, Socrates Almanac (Oxford UK)- GBSH Consult Group 
  • 2016 ACQ5 Law Awards Game Changer of the Year – H.E. Prof. Dr. Ambassador Tal Edgars 
  • 2015 Old Mutual Tomorrow Leader’s Convention Nominee - H.E. Prof. Dr. Ambassador Tal Edgars 
  • 2015 ACQ5 Game Changer of the year - H.E. Prof. Dr. Ambassador Tal Edgars 
  • 2015 ACQ5 UK Advisory Team of the Year – GBSH Consult Group 
  • 2015 ACQ5 South Africa Leading Consultancy Firm of the Year for a consecutive year 
  • 2015 ACQ5 South African Management Consulting Firm of the year 
  • 2015 ACQ5 South African Strategic Consulting Firm of the Year 
  • 2014 ACQ5 South African Best Consultancy Firm – GBSH Consult Group 
  • 2014 9th Annual AFIA Award African International Achiever – Oscars of Philanthropy - H.E. Prof. Dr. Ambassador Tal Edgars

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